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RE: PC800: Honda Silver Wing 2001
Written by "Emile Nossin" on 12/22/2000 at 04:26 am

>Peter P. Kaputsos
>Has anyone seen the new for 2001 Silver Wing scooter?
>At approximately 600cc, 50 horses, and a top speed of
>115 mph it seems to have many advantages over the
>Yamaha TMax 500.... What do you think?

And.. it can hold two helmets below the saddle,
comes with CBS and fuel injection and.. it will
come with optional ABS.. if only it would have
the looks like the T-max it would be the ultimate
scooter.. not that I would buy it.. but an interesting
alternative for a PC800..more power and performance
and still better gas mileage..just as much trunk

'92 ST ABS/TCS "Eclipse"

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for ; Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:24:01 +0100

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