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RE: PC800: Rattles n squeaks
Written by Pickett, Bruce D [] on 12/15/2000 at 11:35 am

Earplugs work for me.

Bruce Pickett
Federal Way, WA
'89 PC800 "Blue Pacific"

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Revill Dunn []
12/15/2000, 11:28 am
PC800: Rattles n squeaks
The weather has finally turned cold, at least what us wimpy Texans think is cold. Whirby has started buzzing, rattling and squeaking like a box of tupperware for the first five minutes until the plastic warms up. I've experimente
9/24/2004, 01:05 am
The Great LED Experiment, Part 1
Well, after watching other PCers run around in the rain, bright sunlight, and places in between, I've decided to start playing with brighter LED solutions for tail and brake bulbs. There has *got* to be a way to make the bikes more visible in