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Fuel smell source
Written by rudyg1937 on 2/19/2011 at 08:58 pm

I have been watching this thread with some interest. I am sure it is not the
K&N. By the way a slightly dirty K&N is supposed to filter better than a new
one. Read their propaganda, er, I mean ads (I run them). Every PC I have had
had the fuel smell. Just to give you an idea how much the fuel tank breathes I
had this happen. When I brought the 3rd 98 home from CT to OH I stopped and
topped off the tank as it was cold out and I knew I would not be riding for a
while. When I put it in the heated garage I found a trail of gas beneath it and
traced it back to a leaking fuel cap. Now I had been told the cap seal was new
and I believe him. There was a lot of gas on the floor but the tank was still
topped off and when I removed it more came out. That was when the garage was at
the 45 degrees I keep it unless I am working out there. When I jacked it up to
68 to do some work it started leaking again. It did this again till I finally
drained some gas out. There is a reason Honda says not to fill it beyond the
lower part of the neck.

I think the heat of the engine cooking the fuel when we ride then park is
pushing the fumes out and we are fighting a losing battle to eliminate it. All
the plastic enclosing everything is holding in the heat from normal riding and
when we park we get fuel vapors out. Once again they are trapped in the plastic
and we get to smell them for a while. I still plan on going to the brass "T" if
the petcock gives me any trouble. If they go to the 15% ethanol I'll almost
guarantee it will.



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