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Extra lights on the crashbars?
Written by mikeyb_houtex on 4/10/2011 at 05:33 am

(Sorry for reiterating some of my earlier post, but...)
I don't have explicit pictures of their individual installs, but I've put the
ones I do have up with them on and running here:

The Left Side Quarter View picture has the driving lights on the crash bars, you
can see them in front of the protectors. I can't find those exact lights, but
these are close:\

Except mine are amber, and have 7 or 8 LEDs, and aren't as bright, probably.
About as bright as the turn signals, and it looks like I have four with these.
:) Although the LEDs do not blink.

In the ducts are these little 4 Yellow LED marker lamps.. these aren't they, but
they're close:\

I also have two of these 'under' the pax handles on a mounting plate.

The rest are various LED strips in yellow, with two different sets, depending on
what I found/needed.

There are two strips of 'edge lighting' LED flex strips that are sewn into the
front edge of the seat to light up the seat seam and side of the bike. Think
Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-A lighting systems in the movies for
that. Those are 3 LEDs each side.

I have a 15 LED flex strip of those edge ones that do the trunk on each side.
Interestingly enough, they come with some sort of silicone protection bead on
them, but the trunk wore those off. So I removed the silicone, and they're now
protected with clear shipping tape. I find it to be emminently allright, and
she's ridden through rain with them like that. Strangely enough.

Then there are the 'center mounted' LED strips that are glued to the bottom of
the 4 LED marker light under the pax handles, which light up the topside of the
trunk more.

They are all wired directly into the 12V Key On circuit, and all are on two wire
'60s Ford quick-disconnects for removal if needed, all keyed the same so it
doesn't matter which plug goes where. There are 5 QCs under the driver seat for
the trunk strips (2), the pax handles (2) and the seat lights (1).

The ducts are also QC'd that way. The driving lamps on the bars come with the
barrel ones, so I used those, but they do not generally require removal and
disconnecting, they stay on the bike during maintenance. The crash covers have
no issue going over them.

I have not yet, but am still thinking about it, maybe, doing the rest of the
lights in LEDs... however, my problem is the turn signals and brake lights. My
setup also has a blinking then solid brake light, and I'm not sure it would work
with LEDs. It's a fact the turn signals won't work right with them. That
leaves only the dashboard lamps, and I just don't see the point then.

Still, it would garner a few more amps/watts... Enough, hopefully, for a couple
of Gerbing items? :)

Side note: The original lamps I had on the crashbars were 50 watts each fogs,
and after 2 hours of riding, I killed the battery outright. Thankfully, it was
not 2 blocks from my house. I disconnected the lamps, got a push start, and she
was fine after that, except I hadda slow charge the battery. The battery, btw,
is fine, and is still makin' her run... it was pretty new, so it came back
pretty easily. Still, pretty good testament for the Yuasa battery, I think.

Obvously, those 100 watts were too much to add. That's when I found these LED
ones, and it's been good ever since.

I'll get more pictures and post them up next time I think about it. :) Again,
apologies for reiterating, but I felt it was necessary to do that.

'95 PC800, "Ride"

--- In, "douglasvanb" <douglas.vanbossuyt@...> wrote:
> Do you have pictures of your setup, Mike? And what sort of circuitry are you
using to drive your LED arrays? Did you convert over all of the other
non-headlight lights on the bike to LED?
> Cheers,
> Douglas
> --- In, "mikeyb_houtex" <houtex@> wrote:
> >
> > I have a set of them mounted on some little brass clamps I made myself on
the front of the crash bars. The clamps stick out of the hole in the front of
the protector, and the amber LEDs, while not lighting up the road, definitely
light up the front spats and the sides of the PC, plus make the bike look bigger
from the front.
> >
> > I also added some yellow LEDs (as mine's yellow like a Gold Wing) in the
scoops, along the trunk seam, and on a little panel I made to mount under the
passenger handrails.
> >
> > I also have some sewed into the fronts of the seat to try to light up the
panels in front of my legs, but my legs tend to hide those.
> >
> > I will soon have a trunk with LEDs running red, amber turn signals up high,
and a top mounted spoiler brake light LED bar.
> >
> > If you don't see me on the road at night, you need to not be drivin'. :D
> >
> > In other words... I kinda like the LEDs.
> >
> > Mike
> > '95 PC800, Ride
> >
> > --- In, "Lee" <unclemilty_lee@> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > --- In, "Darrell" <dotson85@> wrote:
> > > >
> > > > I picked up a set of LED driving lights off ebay a year ago and haven't
had the time to install them yet but they draw about 3 volts as I did hook them
up to an old battery to check the amount of light they produced. Then left them
on to see how long they would stay on, with the old battery. After 3 days they
had drained the battery. I plan to install them sometime this summer if riding
doesn't get in the way..
> > >
> > >
> > > What's your opinion on the output of the LED driving lights?
> > >
> >

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