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Mr. Hyde's engine runs again!
Written by spacetiger_j... on 4/11/2011 at 10:47 pm


I'm sorry I didn't catch your request from last year. To your questions below:
1. I do not know yet about the engine swap as I am just getting started on
this. I can tell you the engines are very close in size as far as the mounting
points - there are 4 of them. The upper front is different but that will
require a modest mod. How the others line up will determine how doable (easy)
this mod can be. One thing for sure is the engine will be a hard mount so the
bike will shake more. No more than the VT1100 does. From other dimensions, it
looks like the VT will fit. It might be a tad taller vertically, bit I think
there is room in the frame. Other connections:
- Cooling: Same connection points and sizes. I think I'll need to add some
additional cooling capacity - thats why I got the lower VFR radiator.
- Electrical: A few differences, but will have to check final comparison to
see what changes are required. I think they may be minimal. I have acquired a
GL1200 EFI alternator that puts out more juice, but it will not be a direct swap
for the VT1100 alternator. This will require some fabrication. I am putting
that on hold pending a successful engine swap.
- Carb: I have a set of VT1100 carbs, but I understand they are the same as
the PC carbs, just jetted differently. I have not done an exact comparison yet.
In any case, I will have to rejet the VT1100 engine once in and running.
- exhaust: Looks like the stock exhaust will actually bolt up to the VT1100
engine, but I plan to open up the exhaust. I was planning to do this mod on my
complete bike, but decided to do it on the VT1100 engine. This way I would not
impact my ability to ride this year. I will add bungs on each exhaust pipe so I
can add a tap in point for exhaust pressure readings (make both sides have equal
back pressure) and after this, add oxygen senors so I can read out fuel/air
ratios to help dial in the carb rejeting quicker. In fact, if this works out,
I'll leave in the O sensors and hook up a fuel/air guage with a dual pole
switch. That way I can check on things from time to time. Besides the engine
swap, this is the biggest fabrication subproject.
- Clutch: VT1100 is cable, PC is not. I am hoping I can use the PC setup...
we shall see.

As for the front fork swap, did you see my earlier post threads? I have not
done a final write up. Let me know. BTW, never leaving well enough alone, I am
planning on some other suspension/brake mods... :-)


--- In, "bolanclint" <duguidon@...> wrote:
> Hi Jerry
> Nice to know the good new about Mr Hyde!!
> Is the VT1100 engine easy to put in the PC frame?
> I asked you some time ago about the fork and brake modifications you made with
a ST1100 model on your PC.
> Is it possible you post on the site or send to me all the modifications (with
explanations) needed to do so?
> Thanks by advance and have a nice trip with your new horse
> Francis from France

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