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Avon Venom AM42 Rear Tire
Written by jared707_ros... on 4/13/2011 at 03:33 am

I just received my new tire today, it's the 140/90-15 (76H) Avon Venom
AM42 Rear Tire.

I ordered it online from <> .
Price is $111.99 -free shipping -no tax(outside Utah)
$10.00 bonus to use on your next order by entering JWGIVE10
<> into the "offer code"
area during checkout.
Also right now Avon has a Rebate Offer
> going on where you get a $25.00 Mastercard Prepaid
card(which can be used anywhere for anything) for purchasing 1 Avon
Venom or Cobra Tire. You can get a $50.00 Prepaid card if you order 2
tires, although they don't make a front tire in or even near the PC800
front tire size, but they do make the Cobra's in sizes for the
Goldwing's. My boss has the Cobra's on his GL1500 and loves them, he
said that the bike feels and rides better especially in the turns at
speed with them compared to the Dunlop's that he previously had on the
bike, which he had really liked already, but he says the Avon's are even
better. (my boss probably has a million miles riding in his years,
mostly on Goldwings so I trust his opinions)

I probably won't have time to get it mounted until this weekend so I
will give some updates after I get it installed.
-Tire Data Sheet
-Some Pics of the Tire


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