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Yeah for Seattle Silver Rattle Can Touch Up Paint!
Written by ocartprof on 5/4/2011 at 04:52 am

My 89 had the usual dings and scratches especially on the crash bars and mirror
holders. I ordered two vials of touch up paint from Honda. Here are the new
part numbers
08704-NH1251P-PN Pearl Pacific White and
08704-NH253M-PN Ocean Grey Metallic.
Both came in 1/2 oz containers with a built-in brush and a roller ball mechanism
that was supposed to deliver paint like a ballpoint pen but didn't work at all.
They cost $6.99 each

I tried both colors but they were not opaque enough to cover scratches that went
deep o into the black plastic body. So off to the auto store (Pep Boys) for
some Duplicolor touch up paint. I got a vial of HA 00950 Honda Frost White
NH538 and used that for an undercoat. It was a fair match for the main body
color by itself and an excellent base for both the pearl white and the metallic

But the huge success was a can of Duplicolor spray paint, BHA0957 Seattle Silver
Metallic that I also got at Pep Boys. It's a *perfect* match for the lower
panels of our PC's. My crash bars were badly scratched and I did an under coat
of the frost white to cover the black plastic followed by the Seattle Silver
spray and then a couple of coats of Acrylic lacquer from a rattle can. Ta-Da!
Perfectly touched-up.

Every PC owner should buy a can of Seattle Silver Metallic-- Its a winner!

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