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The definitive Spark Plug thread
Written by alfr4d on 5/22/2011 at 02:42 pm

Hello Scott, Entering spark plugs turning the other way first won't ruin half as
much engines. This is true for almost any bolt or nut. Please do show how much
force must be applied. I am wondering what the real thin walled socket tool
looks like but have some idea, they used to be made from iron. I ask you to show
how to check the caps. I read that the caps are vulnerable parts that need
changing a lot also. How do you see this is a problem and how can you say they
are to loose. Another problem is that the cables can be bad and this happens
from time to time also. There is a resistance test for minimum and maximum
resistance readings and inconsistent ones. It would be a bad idea not to check
the cables and caps in the process. This was on my wanting list. Sorry I am only
having one and a half advice. Thanks in advance. Alfred

--- In, "C172myP51" <c172myp51@...> wrote:
> ...which brings me to my real reason for posting today. I've been searching
for info on changing out the spark plugs. It doesn't seem like there's a really
good thread describing the process, so if anyone could contribute I'd be more
than happy to video tape the change for the group.
> -Scott
> hershey, PA

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