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Written by literidr on 6/2/2011 at 05:23 pm

Here's the write up on it. Hope this helps.

I replaced the rear section of the muffler with a stainless muffler blank. I
cut the old baffle section off with a huge exhaust pipe cutter (a band saw or
hack saw will get the job done.). The blank I bought was just the size of the
hole that was left. I had a 45 degree turn out for the outlet made at a local
muffler shop. I then cut off all the original mounting brackets from the old
baffle section and had them welded in place. I think the easiest way to do this
is to cut the skin off the old muffler section just around the mounting brackets
and then weld the whole skin to the new muffler blank. (wish I had thought
about this when I did my first one) The hard part is getting all this mounted
exactly where it should go so it won't change the looks of the bike. It helps
to have a spare frame with engine to install and remove the muffler as each step
is ready to mark for welding. I used the original end cap from the old baffle
section and opened
up the hole to accomodate the size of the new tailpipe. When everything was
done, I bolted the original chrome piece onto its mounting brackets and it looks

--- In, "literidr" <literidr@...> wrote:
> Hey JP,
> Here are the pictures I took of how I did mine.
> The muffler blank (glass pack) was about 13" long and about 3" in diameter.
> Good luck with your repair,
> John Handford, literidr@...
> Taylors, SC
> '90 PC "Spirit"
> --- In, "jpadaneye" <jpadaneye@> wrote:
> >
> > Hello, I am about to cut open my muffler to fix the bleep/tweet noise. Does
anyone have any clear info or pictures of the repair?
> >

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