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PC Brake Rotors
Written by alfr4d on 6/5/2011 at 12:05 am


I agree with the Honda brake pads for the best fit in braking strength, I did
not compare pads myself but have them on the brakes. I always know I will have
the right hardness of material. These two sets will cost you about 55 to 60 Euro
and there are hardly any savings to be made shopping around for other options. I
bought them in England. David Silver or John Oldfield. Check it out but be aware
of extra costs. Paying costs for example. In the United States parts seem to be
cheaper but almost never exported to Europe.

Check these very, very, very cheap, new brand, brake disks: In this topic of mine you can find
the links to the seller and the article on eBay. They cost only 59,99 English
Pound for a "set" of two discs (R and R) L.O.L. The seller in brake discs wants
to add any amount in a parcel when they are shipped and that went well with
four. It was very heavy. Shipping costs were 14,99 English Pounds to the
European Continent. USA is shipped to but the price is not mentioned at the
site. As you can see the picture and brand mentioned in the add do not apply.
They are different. The brand Kagizume is new but not low rated in any way by
people who used the discs from them on other bikes. I found the discs to be
slightly thinner then the Honda discs but in design much stronger. Look out you
do not shatter your Honda discs now they wear off. My old, right, disk was
broken at many points between the openings. Not Honda again for me. The edge is
to shallow. I bought the Kagizume for the future and immediately sold the ones I
ordered extra to save shipping costs. It is a convenient part to have around for
when you suddenly need it. The discs were slightly scratched die trimming, hard
to see on my picture, but you can not expect them to be polished for this amount
of money. For all the rest I really would not know what the difference possibly
may be compared with original Honda. As long as you are not racing on the
circuit. I wanted to tell the group about this bargain but was busy. Alfred


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6/4/2011, 05:49 am
PC Brake Rotors
Greetings all. I have a 1998 PC with 78320 miles on the odometer. The brakes work well, but lately I've noticed a mid-frequency squeal from the front brake at low speed, just before coming to a dead stop. Today I took the brakes apart. The pa

    6/4/2011, 09:57 am
    PC Brake Rotors
    Galfer makes wave rotors for the PC800: DF040. You can check with Francois at Dual Sport Touring about them. He is looking into pricing and availability of them now. Tim Davies Seneca Falls, NY Yankee Smuggler II 1998 Sent fr

    6/4/2011, 02:19 pm
    PC Brake Rotors
    Jeff, Most of the other than OEM honda brake rotors and pads don't work any near as well as the OEM. You might keep looking on ebay to find a set of rotors from a lower mileage bike being parted out or bite the bullet and spend the little

      6/4/2011, 08:23 pm
      PC Brake Rotors
      Jeff, A few things to consider: 1. Honda OEM (PC800) Used or mail order (don't buy local as there over the counter costs are HIGH!) 2. Honda OEM (from other bikes) You have 2 possibilities, stay with the stock 27

    6/5/2011, 12:05 am
    PC Brake Rotors
    ****************************************************** ****************************************************** ****************************************************** I agree with the Honda brake pads for the best fit in braking strength, I