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HELP!! No clutch
Written by douglasvanb on 6/8/2011 at 05:02 pm


I just rebuilt my slave and master clutch cylinders last night (the clutch lever
was getting spongy for me). It's a pretty easy procedure if you follow the
manual. Start looking at what you'll need to do here:

It's actually a pretty simple operation to rebuild both the master and slave
clutch cylinders. The two most difficult parts were removing the master
cylinder without dripping any DOT 4 fluid on the plastics (hint: use folded up
beach towels that you don't care about) and removing the retaining clip from the
master cylinder assembly.

There is also a chance you might need to replace the hydraulic line between the
master and slave cylinders. I would suggest you find a local company that can
make you a new one out of braided stainless steel. A local hose and pipe
company is fabricating me one right now at a very reasonable (sub-$45) price.
You can also buy a Honda OEM rubber hose from somewhere like
The Honda OEM part number is 22900-MR5-000. You will also need four (4) of
90545-300-000 (the crush washers for the banjo bolts).

As for rebuild kits, I purchased K&L Supply kits. The two part numbers you'll
need are 32-1081 (master cylinder) and 32-0129 (slave cylinder). I bought the
master cylinder kit from and the slave cylinder kit from

You will have to remove some plastic from the bike but there is a good
tupperwear removal guide in the manual starting on this page: It isn't too bad once you
get the hang of removing and replacing all that plastic.

Try adding DOT 4 fluid to your clutch reservoir first to see if that helps.
Then try bleeding the line after that. The final thing to do is rebuild the
clutch slave/master cylinders and replace the hydraulic line.

Hope that helps!



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