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Written by jpadaneye on 6/26/2011 at 04:25 am

Thats right!......I bought 3 stainless steel carriage bolts from Home Depot (1/4
inch diameter and 4" long) with nylon lock nuts and washers. I removed the
chrome shield and then drilled 3 holes right through the damn thing. I put the
bolts through and tightened the nuts. Chirp noise is gone, completely gone!

I drilled through the center line of the pipe. Right through everthing. I did
the first one in the center of the pipe's lenght and it did not fix it. So I put
2 more on each end (about and 1 1/4" from the welds) lenthwise. That worked. So
you could try the end ones first or one at a time or just do three, like me. I
dont think the angle mattered, but I drilled at about 30 degrees ish from
outside to inside with the outside being higher. I only chose that angle because
it was easy to drill and the nuts wound not line up with anything and could
easily be tightened.

Super easy, no picture needed but if you want to see, text me and I can send you
one from my phone. 508-735-5567

AND....yes it sounds great, like a motorcycle, not a 72 VW beetle. You can
actualy accelerate in public with out feeling like you are on a Jetson
spacecraft! Good luck! Jim Padeni

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