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Regulator/Rectifier Heat Fix
Written by tyronewildman on 6/27/2011 at 03:05 pm

It may not be fixed but it's a lot better. The original had no output on my "up
from the grave" '89 PC800. It's still a work in progress, after 4 years apart
from an end over end, but it's rideable. It's still missing most all the bottom
plastic pieces. After 150 mi the new battery was down & it wouldn't start. No
output from the regulator (I thought I checked that when I got it running). At
twice the price I bought a new Honda regulator and unlike the original, this one
has cooling fins on it. Cool! Not so! After a morning 15 min. ride it was so hot
that I couldn't keep my hand on it (the battery was fully charged so most of the
alternator output was sinking to ground). Same 15 min. ride, this morning, and
it was only slightly warm. I remounted it with the same heat sink compound but
the difference (I think) is that I added 2 more cooling fins behind the
regulator. I fashioned them from 2 pieces of .030" 3 1/4" X 6" aluminum (Home
Depot). They stick up from behind the regulator up into the empty space under
the shelter. Check it out at

Later, De

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