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Gas pouring out of carb fitting---FIXED
Written by tyronewildman on 6/29/2011 at 05:10 pm

I could have waited an hour or so, until I found the trouble. With the shelter
and air filter off I started it and in a second or so gas started coming out
around the slide needle and in another second or so gas started coming out the 4
way "T" vent fitting. Yep, must be a stuck float valve or trash in it. For a
bike that sat for 4 years the float bowl was very clean. The float needle with
it's viton tip was clean but there was a small piece of trash in the float
needle seat. It must have moved over to the side when I removed the float. See
with the trash in the upper left part of the seat..

Runs great again.
Thanks for the replies

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