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Finally got problem solved with rpms and speed.
Written by cdodgevoc on 7/6/2011 at 12:58 pm

For a couple weeks, I have been struggling getting the carbs synced and had lack
of power.

The problem was simple:

The diaphragms were not full seated on the vacuum chamber lip.

I would orginally just line up the piston/diaphragm to the vacuum vent and put
on the spring and lid, whilst doing that some of the diaphragm would retract of
the lip, causing a leak.

So I would line up again and slowly lower the lid with the spring and just screw
the two sides slowly. Wait a moment and slowly unscrew, just enough light to
shine thru and check the seal, making sure the diaphragm did not slip off like

I did that to the other one with same techinque.

Now the bike is back to its former power, plus more since I cleaned the carb.

And the carb sync worked like a charm with my $1.52 homemade carb sync tool.

Thank you all for help from previous posts.


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