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DIY - Turn Signal Switch Fix
Written by oneidjak on 7/24/2011 at 04:39 pm

Every thing was working fine on my '90PC, then one day I was unable to activate
the right turn signal. The problem went from intermittent to total failure in
about three days. The speed limit in front of the house is 40MPH. The situation
went from annoying to scary when I opined that the kids bearing down on me as
turned into my driveway, had no idea what a right turn hand signal was.

To get to the switch, remove the center handlebar cover and top handlebar cover.
All screws need to be removed, but the bottom handlebar cover can stay where it
is. See page 2-16 Honda Service Manual

Remove the three screws that hold the switch to the bottom handlebar cover.
Loosen the large cable tie so that you can pull the switch out enough to work on

The "Combination Switch" turn signal/horn looks like it is sealed, but if you
look closely you will see to very small tabs holding the pieces together. I used
a knife to release the tabs, open the switch and OMG.

This is not easy to describe - what I found was that - as the switch is moved
from center to right there is a square device that moves from right to left
inside an open chamber. (picture an open shoe box with a small square box inside
that can slide from one end to the other)

It was readily apparent that the little square device was unable to move from
left to right due to the incredible amount of dirt and mung that was packed in
the chamber. I was truly amazed at the amount of dirt that had entered through
the small slit that allows the lever to move left and right.

After cleaning, lube and reassembly - I have a full function switch.


Look Twice - Turn Once

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