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Fuel tank fix
Written by swiftly1... on 7/28/2011 at 08:22 pm

Check under "Links", PC800 Tools and knowledge"

Your not blind, It is not located where it ought to be.

Dick MacInnes

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7/28/2011, 07:54 pm
Fuel tank fix
Okay, maybe I am blind but I can't seem to find the file on how to fix your gas tank to be more accurate. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

    7/28/2011, 08:22 pm
    Fuel tank fix
    Check under "Links", PC800 Tools and knowledge" Your not blind, It is not locate

    7/28/2011, 08:59 pm
    Fuel tank fix
    There are three methods to do this. Only two involve fiddling with the hardware, the other one requires re-programing of the wetware. A) This is the easiest. Simply adjust the way you read the gauge. Learn the levels remaining at various

      7/29/2011, 02:15 am
      Fuel tank fix
      Solution B was pretty easy for me. A few screws and a simple bend of the arm. For mine, I took about 20 minutes to adjust so that I have 1 gallon left when the needle gets to the end of the white zone. Yeah, you could compensate and try to re

    7/29/2011, 03:28 am
    Fuel tank fix
    Go to the Links > Tools & Knowledge > Adjusting the PC800 Fuel Gage Sending Unit (First Item) Fred --- In

      7/29/2011, 06:03 am
      Fuel tank fix
      Ah...I was looking under Files and had read most of those. This is like turning over a whole new rock of knowledge...whee! Thanks

        7/29/2011, 12:12 pm
        Fuel tank fix
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