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Photos: VarioScreen extension mounted, Givi lid painted Pearl White
Written by docpolycarp on 7/31/2011 at 04:29 am

I finally got the MRA VarioScreen extension
( mounted to my '89
PC OEM windshield. I posted photos in the Photos file labelled "Cheap Givi
mount/ luggage rack"

The extension made a world of difference. I mounted it 5 1/2in beyond the top
edge of the OEM windshield. It eliminated 95% of the wind buffeting and noise I
had been experiencing at highway speeds. I also kept the black plastic spacers
that came with the hardware. Dave P ("sr139fox") posted a file in the Files
section titled "MRA VarioScreen Extension.doc" that outlined his installation,
but he did not use the black plastic spacers.

I had to grind off the oblong area on the underside of the black spacers that is
intended to track in the groove on the bottom windscreen of the adjustable
VarioScreen model so that it would lay flat on my windshield.

I thought that by keeping the spacers, it would provide space between the OEM
windshield and the extension, creating a similar effect as the Laminar Lip. I'm
convinced by how effectively this set up eliminated the buffeting and noise that
this may be the case. The extension itself does have a bit of an upturned lip on
it like the Laminar Lip.

Prior to installing the extension, I used a cheap roll of Harbor Freight duct
tape to remove the film from both the inside and the outside of the OEM
windshield. I didn't realize just how badly this windshield was hazed until I
removed the film from both sides. It made a huge difference. Just put the tape
on in horizontal strips, press it on tight, then pull it off and discard each
strip. It takes the film right off. However, cheap duct tape leaves behind a
tiny bit of white adhesive, so I had to thoroughly clean everything again

I also had a local body shop paint the lid of the Givi E52 to match the Pearl
White '89 PC800. Photos of the Givi mounted on the PC are in the same photo

I found the Givi E52 on Craigslist for $75. The body shop charged me $85 to
paint it. The Givi TransAlp mounting plate cost around $45 and the corner braces
and cutting board and hardware came in around $40 total. So I'm still well below
the cost of a new Givi top case, and now it matched the PC.

The home made Givi mount did start scratching the paint on the PC's duckbill, so
I simply added 1" round protective Felt Pads (used for chair legs) under the
contact points on the duckbill.

One of the IPCRC members kindly sent me an unused Goldwing windshield vent he
had lying around (Thanks again Bob!) so I'll get that mounted soon and post
photos when its done.

Brian in Johnstown PA
'89 Pacific Coast

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