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Full Bore tires update
Written by h2opolonut on 8/30/2011 at 03:59 am

Hopefully I am not being a "full bore" here.
Bought my tire on august 16th. Rode to Vegas and back, and all told I have put
about 800 miles on the tire to date. I love the way the tire rides. Holds the
road well, and absolutely no "tracking" along the grooves in the freeway
pavement. As far as ride goes, I am hooked.

Over the weekend I was installing some electrical accessories and noticed what
appeared to be cracks deep in the treads. Rode to the store of purchase, they
inspected and immediately replaced the tire, no questions asked.

Hopefully it was just a "bad" tire, and the new one will perform better. I
really hope this thing works out so I can give a good review and maybe we can
all have a lower cost alternative to Dunlop and Metzler.

Will keep the group posted...unless nobody really cares....

Kevin...Riverside, CA

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