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Full Bore tires update
Written by ramosj88 on 8/30/2011 at 08:30 am

--- In, "h2opolonut" <h2opolonut@...> wrote:
> Hopefully I am not being a "full bore" here.

> Hopefully it was just a "bad" tire, and the new one will perform better. I
really hope this thing works out so I can give a good review and maybe we can
all have a lower cost alternative to Dunlop and Metzler.
> Will keep the group posted...unless nobody really cares....
> Kevin...Riverside, CA
What tire did you buy?...and did you check the tire date?

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8/30/2011, 03:59 am
Full Bore tires update
Hopefully I am not being a "full bore" here. Bought my tire on august 16th. Rode to Vegas and back, and all told I have put about 800 miles on the tire to date. I love the way the tire rides. Holds the road well, and absolutely no &

    8/30/2011, 08:30 am
    Full Bore tires update
    --- In, "h2opolonut" <h2opolonut@...> wrote: > > Hopefully I am not b

    9/4/2011, 08:23 pm
    Full Bore tires update
    Full Bore is an old name that used to make oils and other products. I believe it was European as the shops that sold Pentons and Huskys seemed to be the ones that carried it. I imagine China bought the name as I notice it says engineered