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Rattle can paint that may be as good as shooting with a gun
Written by skyeenter on 9/6/2011 at 04:12 am

Coasters, today I finally got one of the rescue's ready for painting. It has
been a long hard summer of prep work on getting three PC's ready for painting.

I decided to try something different. I came across a new, to me anyway, paint
system that called Spray Max. It's detailed here:

Seems they perfected a new type of nozzle for the spray can. Make the claim
that it sprays a good as a gun. So I decided to try it.

Ordered the paint for here:

I worked with Pat Garrison, nice lady, who knows more about paint than I ever

Went through the steps with Pat, told her what I was going to do, sent pic of
the PC and followed her recommendations for the products.

They filled the 89 paint code, NH251P in aerosol cans with BASF Glasurite
Acrylic Urethane. Came in two cans, base coat and mid coat. The rest of it was
the Spray Max 2K primer and 2K Glamour High Gloss clear in the same system.

After doing all the prep, sanding, washing and cleaning w/wax and grease
remover, I was ready to spray.

I have never trusted rattle can sprays for painting bikes, it's acrylic enamel
and it, for me, didn't give a precise spray pattern to do a through job

This system was incredibly easy to spray. First, no spray gun cleaning after
each application. The application feels just like you're holding a spray gun.
The spray pattern duplicates a spray gun.

This stuff went on so easy. The most frustrating part was waiting for the next

I sprayed out the fairings, brake covers, front fender, mirror and a Wong Wing.
The color is so close to factory that my wife couldn't tell the difference.
Then I went and did a "rookie" thing, I added a couple of extra coats of clear
and darkened it so the color match is slightly off from OEM.

I am sold on this system. It's reasonable, easy to apply, matches OEM colors
and looks fantastic. It's perfect for the PC.

I can't wait to do the 97 sitting in the garage.

No pics on this project. Too concerned about monitoring my time and keeping on
schedule. By the time I was finished it was dark.


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