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cable broken, trunk opened!
Written by goldwingman40 on 9/24/2011 at 03:53 pm

I think much of the problem with broken trunk latch cables and broken latches is
caused by owners who want the trunk to pop up when they pull the lever by
adjusting the rubber bumpers up TOO high or adding the springs sold on ebay.
This makes it harder to open the latches and much more strain on the cables.
When I pull my lever, set stock when the bike came out of the crate in 1992,
there is no resistance to speak of and then I have to hold the lever and lift
the trunk or it just relatches if the lever is released. Being lazy costs $ and

--- In, "Macjohno" <macjohno@...> wrote:
> I figured it out and got my trunk opened this morning with the cable broken. I
took off the back seat, and saw that the cable actually operates two separate
latches, one at the top, easily accessible with your fingers, and, shining a
flashlight down the back hollow, I saw the lower cable end and latch. I threaded
a long 1/8" diameter rod down and bore against the latch with my right hand
while pinching the top latch with my left hand. Voila! Trunk popped open.
> I hope this will help others in the same situation.
> JohnO in NashVegas

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