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BB's to balance
Written by alfr4d on 9/28/2011 at 05:40 pm

Hi Ting,
What I used are the nylon pearls for filling rag-dolls. The picture was removed
by someone from the Darksider album and this comment said how much exactly that
I used but I can give you all the numbers and a fresh link to the picture
anyway. A good advice for posting pictures somewhere, probably is - host them

Don't use material that grinds itself down. No soft plastic bullets. Also: the
nylon stuffing pearls are smaller and much lighter. Why use something else when
it depends on small and light? I took the smallest and biggest ones out of the
batch so I am pretty sure they will not block the vent. Either too small or too
big to do that. Nevertheless I have a spare inner-vent and a remover cap with
me. I am not able to hear or feel the "biets" in the tire, as I said, they are
lighter. After wearing the tire down I may be able to review if it helped but I
got the big weight off the rim and have no trouble with vibrations. An
independent welder changed my tire for 25 euro but I admire your courage. Some
tires have a dot at the lightest part that helps balancing.

A demonstration of the dynabeads principle in a turning bottle:

Dyna Beads necessary amount:

Front: - I think I took 1,5 X 29 gram (1 oz)= 43,5 gram

80 - 120 mm tire width
1 oz

80 - 120 mm tire width (BMW Telelever only)
2 oz

130 mm tire width
2 oz


130 mm - 240 mm width
2 oz

250 mm - 360mm tire width
3 oz

195 - 205 car tires on the rear
3 oz


80 - 120 mm tyre width

130 mm - 240 mm width

260 mm - 360mm tyre width

VTX owners with Goodyear Car tyre (rear)

Goldwing owners need 2oz/59g in front tyres, 2oz/59g in rear
10" diameter wheels (scooters)

12" & Up diameter wheels(scooters)

Good luck everybody. Alfred Wams

--- In, "Ting" <tradewinds1964@...> wrote:
> OK...dragging out my ignorance, chuckling is allowed.
> I'm about to attempt my first tire mount and I had planned on using the BB's
to balance. I have poured them all out from my BB gun and now I need to know how
many to use.
> 10? 20? 45? 3? I got no clue.
> Ting
> Atlanta, GA
> '90 Red PC
> Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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