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Ukrainian Rack - Update #3
Written by Mike on 11/1/2011 at 05:53 pm


I wrote to mmoto about the bigger rack a couple months ago. You have to drill
two holes into your trunk to mount it. I don't like drilling holes in my
Tupperware, but I sure would like all that extra space.

Here's his reply:

Thank you for your interest in our products.
Yes, you saw correctly. Need to drill holes in the plastic and fasten the bottom
of the trunk to the frame by bolts through the transition bushing.
The lower part rests on the frame of welded inside.
For clarity, I added photos on the site.
This design allowed to redistribute the load by six points, which is essential
for long journeys, where you take a lot of baggage, and the roads have a
different cover.
This design was tested on two PS800, covered about 8,000 km. No damage and no
luggage strains.
Thank you.

--- In, "Ting" <tradewinds1964@...> wrote:
> The other rack on the page had an extra lower storage area. I remember
> he made a comment about that rack, but I couldn't understand if it
> was for stoprage, extra sturdiness, needed extra re-enforcement? I like
> the extra storage for the tent or tools down there.
> Any idea what was the deal with that? Other than an extra 30 or 50 bucks?
> Ting
> Atlanta, GA
> '90 Red PC
> Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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