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Inexpensive 2 helmet top box... < $70
Written by akienm on 11/1/2011 at 06:25 pm

Somebody asked me off list about the rack/top box combination I have. The
rack I've already talked about extensively here.

Below are some links to a current offering of the same top box on ebay.
I've been very happy with it. Most of all because it's big enough to carry
my backpack for work, with laptop, project binders and books. And it was
FAR less expensive than the same size Givi box (E55 MAXIA 3 at 55 liters if
I'm reading the web site right).

If you go on ebay and search for "Motorcycle Scooter X Large Trunk Top Case
fits 2 Helmet", you'll find one of these even if the link below has expired
(which it hasn't as of this posting, but for somebody reading the archives
in the future it might be).

This is a current link for this top box:\

Here's the link to the seller:

He was good to deal with, quick, etc. What I think I liked best about his
ads was he showed the inside dimensions of the box, most others only show
outside dimensions. This let me determine that my backpack would fit.


Akien MacIain
Epiphanies before our very eyes!

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