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This is a job for Fenda Extenda!
Written by actual_revill on 12/13/2011 at 03:44 pm

I cleaned my PC's radiator every year or so, and every time I was
amazed at the amount of stuff that collects there just from regular
riding. The stock front fender is just too short. I added a bit of
rubber to mine to direct the splash downward, but there's an easier
way. It's called the Fenda Extenda.


3a. Overheating problem solved!
Posted by: "Tony Mackin" tony_mackin@... tonmack
Date: Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:39 am ((PST))

I posted a while ago about my problem with overheating. Basically the
bike seemed prone to overheating and replacing the radiator cap and
thermostat didn't solve it. (Mind you, that wasn't a waste of money as
the original cap was worn and the original thermostat had seized in
the open position). The overheating tended to occur when stationary or
in slow-moving traffic. This suggested to me that there was a problem
with air flow through the radiator. I thought that the fan might be
running slow, which would explain the syptoms. However, before trying
to replace the fan I decided to check the rad for external blockage.
When I first noticed the problem I had tried brushing the rad to
remove some crud but that didn't seem to sort it. This time round I
went at it with a pressure washer and a surprising quantity of
silt/dust/dead flies etc. got blown out of the rad. A subsequent good
long run resulted in the temp guage being in the lower third whilst
moving quickly and never more than slightly over half way in slow
traffic or when stopped.

This is the first time in many years of bike ownership that I have had
the problem of a rad being gunged up externally to this extent.
Particularly surprising as the bike has less than 20,000 miles
(genuine as far as I can tell) on it. I might have suspected it
sooner on a higher mileage bike. I just goes to show - always check
the simple options early on. I'm glad I tried this before trying to
replace the fan!

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