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Looking for Tail Light
Written by revconprince on 12/13/2011 at 06:27 pm

Save all the pieces. It is made from ABS and can be solvent bonded with MEK.
Solvent bonding is strong and if done well, can hide the crack. I repaired mine
after my parked Jeep jumped attacked the rear while I was backing up.

--- In, "Gib" <gibinmich@...> wrote:
> Maybe you could patch it? A few years ago I poked a hole in my suv tail light
and because it was a one piece full length lens the shop replaced the whole
thing and it cost $800. Yikes! I kept the damaged lens just incase it happened
again and maybe I could use it as a patch. Anyway, the shape and color of the
lens is similar to the PC tail light. If someone was creative enough I think he
could graft a piece of a car lens into the PC unit. It might not match but it
would work.
> --- In, "pogomann2002" <dedge@> wrote:
> >
> > Hey Gang,
> > I'm in the market for a tail light assembly. Mine had a meeting with a shelf
in the shed....bad sound! New OEM's are available for $190 with shipping but I
want to see if there is a lower cost alternative in the group. Miss Bliss is a
'95 so I'm not sure if an '89 will fit but I would assume that all other years
are OK. Looking for the center taillight assembly not the turn housings.
> > thanks Pogo
> >

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