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Talk about making the customer happy: I have a Ukrainian rack for sa
Written by akienm on 12/22/2011 at 03:46 am

So I got an email from Andrei (the rack builder from the Ukraine). Since
the rack didn't fit perfectly for my bike and box, he's offered to build
another that actually fits my bike/box.

His request is that I make the one I have available to you all, and that
whomever buys it, I/we paypal the money to him.

I am flabbergasted at his desire to make this really right.

So, do I have any takers? Anybody want a Ukrainian rack shipped from the
US? It was a snug fit on my bike, but it's a beautiful piece of

My review: It's so solid, it's really an extension of the frame. It had no
trouble supporting my 190lbs on it's plate (sitting still, not running).
It's black powdercoat, so very corrosion resistant. It did take a little
elbow grease to get on, as it had to flex very slightly to get the bolts to
seat, which in fairness, from the things he's said, may well be some bit of
warpage to my bike. That would be why he's sending me another, as he's
clearly very committed to customer service.

The GIVI style rack for sale now:\

The scooter style rack that I have now:\

Any takers?


Akien MacIain
Epiphanies before our very eyes!

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