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Need help for seat upholstering
Written by docta96 on 1/17/2012 at 11:23 pm
I used this guy and was happy with the result....especially on an 1100+ mile
Iron Butt ride last September.....price was right and the turnaround was less
than a week.....only did the front seat, as I do not carry a passenger.
Always ride safely and keep your airspeed under control.


--- In, "discoveryshops" <micheleyoung@...> wrote:
> Can you recommend anyone in the Tampa Bay Florida area that will do a good and
reasonable job reupholstering all seats and backs for my '94 PC800?
> I'd try it myself but the foam is compromised from water seepage.
> I want to make sure that materials used can withstand the heat and sun down
here. Is marine UV resistant material the ideal.
> Thank you for any guidance.
> My preferred email is leapandfly@...
> Michele

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