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Speedometer cable breaking Mystery
Written by eegah_yai on 1/22/2012 at 03:27 am

My speedometer cable breakage was caused by a mis-routing after I removed the
cowling. When re-installing it, I pinched the cable inside plastic thinking it
was right but it kinked the cable enough to break the speedometer fairly
quickly. I should have looked at the diagram instead of trusting my memory.

--- In, "kjhoconnor" <kjhoconnor@...> wrote:
> I have 39K on my PC and the cable broke about 4" from the speedometer.
> Purchased a new cable with housing and pulled the cable out to lube,
reinstalled cable into casing and installed on bike. Took a test ride down the
street to find that the cable / speedometer worked fine.
> Found a nice day in NC, rode approximately 20+ miles to find the speedometer
not working again. Removed the speedo cable from housing to find cable broke
again about 2" from speedometer head. Which leads me to beleive something is
locking up or broken gear in the head. Attached a drill on it to view the
workings of what turns internally. From what I can tell no broken gears and
everything seems to operate smoothly.
> Has This Happened to Anybody and what was your fix.....

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