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Hole in the trunk fix please
Written by skyeenter on 1/24/2012 at 03:07 pm

I've repaired a couple of these. Used plastic repair epoxy, the tube with two
shafts and single mixing spout. Put aluminum tape on the backside of the hole.
Built tape up about three layers to give solid support. Mixed the epoxy and
spread it on with a putty knife in smooth coat. Let it set up for couple days.
Then trimmed excess rough edges with razor blade and rubbed it smooth. Made a
strong, solid waterproof seal. Don't know how their holding up as I sold the

You need to work fast with the epoxy as it sets up quickly. Once you get the
smooth coat leave it. Overworking will distort the bond, so put it on, smooth
it and walk away. It will self level.


--- In, "chorizoneggs" <deancorbella@...> wrote:
> The beloved PC was damaged by my son Beaner last summer and its time to get
her running.
> Collected most parts but the trunk has a 2' x 10" tire rubbed arch shape
> Trunk is absolutely not water proof. All we need now is a few tricks to
> patch the holes or whatever. What product and any procedures would be greatly
> appreciated.

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