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Re: Michelin has a new tire to fit the rear of our bikes.
Written by cheval_du_fer on 1/31/2012 at 05:04 pm

First off, it is sized to fit '90 & later: the 140/90-15 size is like to wear
holes in the trunk on '89s, if what I read is true. 130/90-15 is also closer to
the tire height of the correct 140/80-15 stock fitment, so will affect handling
less [beside the fact that having tire widths closer to the same front-back will
make for a more sprightly feel in side-2-side transitions... ;-) ]

But a very good find for you guys riding the '90 & later models! I'd be jealous
except that the Shinko Tourmaster is still a good option for me...

Ride on!

--- In, "scc29" <steve.currie@...> wrote:
> Michelin has a new tire to fit the rear of our bikes.
> Posted by: "literidr" literidr@... literidr
> Date: Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:28 am ((PST))
> Funny, this one showed up on digest, but can't see on web site.
> I looked at the Commander II front tire and it says it's a radial.
> Is that unusal to have different tire types with the same name?
> Hey Fred,
> I just got an ad from Chapparal Motorsports about Michelin's newest tire.
They claim the new tire compound lasts twice as long as the competition's tires,
and that the new rubber compound is better in dry or wet weather.
> I know you were thinking about what to get for the rear of your bike. This
might be the way to go. The price is certainly right. (I bet it goes up after
they sell a few of them.)
> Here's a link to the Chapparal web page.

> Later,
> John Handford

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