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Givi F1000 Universal Monorack
Written by tradewinds1964 on 2/3/2012 at 03:06 pm

Just wanted to throw this out there for anybody wondering.
This is the "famous" Ukranian rack mounted on my Scotia.
It is an awesome and a very strong rack. Fits tight, so a little elbow grease
will be needed to install, but not impossible. Handrails can be used to hold
onto and very easy for bungee cords. The builder included stud mounts for the
GIVI trunk, however, I went a much more "efficient" route and ordered a generic
trunk from ebay. It's an XL trunk that easily holds 2 helmets and extra stuff.
Without removing the studs, the trunk sits back about 3 or 4 inches further than
when the passenger backrest was mounted. Thus, hopefully, a more comfortable
ride for the passenger. It did not have a built in brake light, but it did have
the red plastic reflective cover. Used the red LED light strip I had been using
as an extra brake light on the ducktail, placed this under the plastic lens of
the trunk. Ran the wiring down through the ducktail and wired back into the
brake light. I didn't bother with turn signals, though I may do that down the
road. I repainted the trunk with Krylon cans from Home Depot.\

Rack was $200 plus change
Trunk was $60 (included mounting plate hardware)

LED light strip: 2-12" strips for $7\

Atlanta, GA
'90 Red PC
Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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