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Relocating that darn rectifier
Written by scott.butler51 on 2/9/2012 at 11:52 pm

I have a '89 model and I wanted to upgrade the regulator/rectifier AND move it
to a cooler location. I had previously used the Shindegen FH012AA unit on my
Yamaha XVZ12 with great results. It is modern technology and rated for up to 50
amps. I felt my stock R/R while the bike was running and it was always hot.
Not a good thing for long life. The FH012AA runs cool and doesn't even need
airflow for cooling if load is kept around 25 amps.

I decided to mount the new R/R back on front of the trunk tub close to the fuel
pump. This put it between the alternator Stator wires on the engine and the
battery. I ran new heavier guage wires from the stator to the R/R and then onto
the battery. I included a 30 amp fuse on the output to the battery.

The new location is alot cooler and out of the road spray, the R/R is wired up
with waterproof connectors and dielectric grease is used on all connections to
prevent future corrosion. The Shindengen R/R regulates the output at 14.3 volts
at any speed above idle. It is very stable and used on alot of permanent magnet
alternator Japanese motorcycles. I got mine on Ebay and found the correct
connectors/pins online also.

--- In, "Ting" <tradewinds1964@...> wrote:
> Hey Yall. Saw an old 2009 post about relocating the rectifier to a cooler
spot. Goldwing Fred added thoughts about a thicker gauge wire and then the
subject slipped to post reaching smartphones. That's fine, so easily distracted.
Oh look. Squirrel.
> Anyshoe, I was thinking about adding extra wire and moving my rectifier to a
nice cooler place. Not having problems, but trying preventive measures like I've
seen on other post. I have a nice big heatsink from an old computer with plenty
of fins and just begging to become a part of Scotia. The possible spots I was
thinking are:
> Above the radiator.
> Somewhere under the headlight.
> Under the bottom of the bike in some nook.
> I'm figuring adding 18 gauge wire to extend to any place on the bike that will
catch a heavy flow of air. I have read some post where riders have mounted it in
the fender to catch moving air from the tire. Pretty sure we don't have
clearance, but the creative thought is there.
> Opinions? Thoughts? Disbeliefs?
> Ting
> Atlanta, GA
> '90 Red PC
> Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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