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Cold feet no more ;)
Written by vtwinn61 on 2/15/2012 at 02:10 am

I had some time to work on the bike the last 2 days and came up with a quick
fix for my "cold feet"\

I had some 1/16 " black ABS plastic and made some wind guards for my PC.
I cut them to fit the contours of the lowers at the joint where the front
fairing meets the sides. I used some of the same ABS to make the mounting tabs
and some 10-24 screws I had on hand.
It was 46 degrees here today when I took a test ride up to 70 + on the highway
and some back roads near home.
I could tell a huge difference, no flutter in my pant legs and even with the
roads getting wet from a slight drizzle, my shoes and pants stayed dry :)

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