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Cold feet no more ;)
Written by vtwinn61 on 2/15/2012 at 02:10 am

I had some time to work on the bike the last 2 days and came up with a quick
fix for my "cold feet"\

I had some 1/16 " black ABS plastic and made some wind guards for my PC.
I cut them to fit the contours of the lowers at the joint where the front
fairing meets the sides. I used some of the same ABS to make the mounting tabs
and some 10-24 screws I had on hand.
It was 46 degrees here today when I took a test ride up to 70 + on the highway
and some back roads near home.
I could tell a huge difference, no flutter in my pant legs and even with the
roads getting wet from a slight drizzle, my shoes and pants stayed dry :)

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2/15/2012, 02:10 am
Cold feet no more ;)
I had some time to work on the bike the last 2 days and came up with a quick fix for my "cold feet"

    2/15/2012, 01:47 pm
    Cold feet no more ;)
    Genius! Thanks for sharing the great pix. -Scott

      2/16/2012, 03:44 am
      Cold feet no more ;)
      Hey Mr. PC Fixes! How are ya? How is the new mount? You're missed dude. Good to see your name!!! Ting Atlanta, GA '90 Red PC Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

    1/10/2014, 12:00 am
    RE: Cold feet no more ;)
    Mark,Just saw your post about the wind dams for the PC, about a year late.  I've got a '97 and would love to get a template of that wind guard if possible.  Possible???LeRoy in Nebraska

    1/12/2014, 12:00 am
    RE: Cold feet no more ;)
    Here is another alternative. I made templates out of cardboard, and then once satisfied with the basic shape, I laid the cardboard out flat and cut out the Plexiglass. Then took a paint stripper gun and bent the Plexiglass till it fit. Bending the