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Disable/by-pass turn signal self-canceller?
Written by unlikelylogi... on 2/19/2012 at 03:38 pm

--- In, "ericvon1956" <vonlaue@...> wrote:
> Just posted two pics of what your 100 dollar controller looks like on the
> Mine got fried due to a simple short from PO's accident.

While failing to sleep last night, I came up with a replacement for the
controller that should provide manual (non-self-cancelling) turn signals and
requires only two rectifiers and an SPST relay. (I can hear Douglas saying "I
can beat that with an SPST relay and a single resistor!" Yeah, I know how to do
it that way, too. Easier to wire, but it lacks elegance.)

Anyone with a fire extinguisher feeling adventurous?

Winglet is a '97, so she can't volunteer for this hazardous duty,

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2/19/2012, 01:55 am
Disable/by-pass turn signal self-canceller?
Is there a simple easy was to disable or by-pass the turn sign self-canceller? I don't want to damage it just in case I or someone ever wants to hook it back up. From previous MC's I've owned I have the habit of automatically turning off the

    2/19/2012, 02:31 am
    Disable/by-pass turn signal self-canceller?
    Hi Dan, You will have to do some rewiring and pick up a few relays to bypass it. I've been working on a diagram and parts list for how to do it for a few weeks but I haven't had time to finish the project. How soon do you need a solution

    2/19/2012, 05:12 am
    Disable/by-pass turn signal self-canceller?
    Houston Dan, It's late and I'm bleary, so trust but verify. The easy thing to try is disconnecting the speed signal to the Turn Signal Cancel Control Unit (TSCCU). It's the white/black (W/Bl) wire from the speedometer to the TSCCU.

    2/19/2012, 08:59 pm
    Disable/by-pass turn signal self-canceller?
    I don't understand why you don't just use the manual canceler. I'm guessing the timed turn signal duration is too short. I find a bit on the short side too. Just gotten used to hitting again on longer signal cases. (obviously not a problem w