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Tall windshield users - do you look over or through?
Written by tradewinds1964 on 3/1/2012 at 05:54 am

Mr. Rat...I'm 5'10", ok, 5'9 1/2 with old age....but I have a +6 and look
through it with no chance of peering over the top. I love it because of complete
isolation from the wind. But I have to be honest that there is one drawback. If
I'm riding slow(30 - 45) in the city and it's a light drizzle. So light that the
drizzle just settles on the windshield without running down...PLUS.....the
overhead street lights combined makes it a little tough to see through it at

On the interstate, light or heavy rain, no problem. Or slighty heavier rain in
the city so the rain runs off the windshield, no problem. The point I look
through the windshield, I may have 3 or 4 more inches above the sight line. So,
a +6 would let you look through it and the protection is awesome.

Atlanta, GA
'90 Red PC
Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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