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Tall windshield users - do you look over or through?
Written by ohpossum on 3/1/2012 at 08:11 pm


I have experienced the same thing for years, as I would typically drive into the
sun, going to and coming home from work. It was bad enough that I would be at
work as much as two hours early in the height of summer, in order to beat the

The reason is condensation. As you pass through a lower, valley area, the
temperatures are cooler, and as you rise they warm, and condensation forms on
the colder windshield, much like a chilled drink on a warm day. As the warm air
hits the cooler object, it gives up its moisture. When I had the presence of
mind to allow for it, I would reduce my speed as I climbed out of the valleys,
and reduce the effects, but usually had to be reminded for a day or so early
spring and late summer/fall.

And this is the reason I have cut down every windshield that I couldn't look
over. And when the sun or headlights reflect in the fogged windshield, it is
extremely dangerous, for me at least.

Similar problems with rain, at night; I have thousands of headlights to peer
through considering windshield, face shield, and glasses. Any reduction is an

--- In, "Leland C. Sheppard" <lcshepp@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> > What do you prefer and why?
> I prefer to see over.
> If the windshield got fogged up and I was looking through it, it could
> create problems.
> I have a place along my route to work where the shield quickly and
> completely fogs up. No rain. Not sure why this is. Anyhow, when that
> happens I'm particularly glad I can see over it...
> snip <

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