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Tall windshield users - do you look over or through?
Written by humpthegrump on 3/1/2012 at 08:43 pm

On the issue of how one desires their PC windshield height -

My '94 Black PC's had black Saaeng edging along the edges of the stock
windshield. This raised the "calm air area" by about 2 or 3 inches.

And it looked quite nice on my black bike.

That worked well for my long (& tubby) torso on my 6' frame. I looked over
the windshield and edging by some 2" with a good view.

I could tuck down about 2 or 3 inches - kind of in a slouch - and be in the
quiet air pocket.

Rain was managed wonderfully! The wind pushed the water droplets on the
windshield both to the top and the sides of the windshield, where the Saaeng
edging effectively kept it from launching over and around the windshield and
into me.

Indeed, the rain was moved to the edges of the Saaeng edging where it rolled
down and off to the side near the mirrors.

I remained remarkably dry in wet and foggy weather.

The downside? When snowing the snow would gather at the top of the
windshield and build up. Luckily, I spend precious few moments in serious
snow showers.


"Tuppie" Tom, a.k.a. Hump-the-Grump

"Lemmings Non Sumas!"

'94 black PC "Tuppie II", 75k rider

Lelands Rides, MSTA, AMA, No. Cal. PC'ers, ipcrc, all eleven Y2K rides

President - Brentwood Foothills Pacific Coast Owners & Riders Club - BFPCORC

In the western foothills of the Great California Central Valley

In the end it will be alright. If it is not alright, then it is not yet the

"I am among the very small minority of human beings who honestly don't care
what anybody else thinks. If I did, I'd probably own a bike just like
yours...Peter Egan"

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