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Tall windshield users - do you look over or through?
Written by mrpacrat on 3/1/2012 at 09:38 pm

I thought that the Saeng product looked pretty cool too - until I did a search
on ADVRider. Many there said the buffeting was less after they took the Saeng
edge back off.

I called Laminar Lip and spoke to someone who explained it to me. Although it
does not add more than about 1" to the windshield height it is supposed to take
the wind level height up about 6-8".

I think that I may like to try one of those - ADVRiders seem to like them.

Maybe someone here has a used one?

> That Saeng stuff looks pretty interesting. Here's a link:
> I've been needing another 2-3 inches of coverage from my +5 Clearview
windscreen in order to eliminate all of the racket in my helmet from the top of
my head being in the turbulent boundary zone.
> That company actually has a lot of really neat products. Hmm... better go
shake the money tree...
> Cheers!
> Douglas

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