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Final Full Bore tires update
Written by h2opolonut on 3/9/2012 at 11:20 pm

For anyone interested, I have completed my "unofficial test" of a Full Bore
brand rear tire. Overall, I am moderately impressed, but I doubt that I will go
back to that brand.

The tire cost $112 out the door, mounted and balanced. Yesterday, I replaced the
tire as it had a couple of spots that were showing cords.

I got exactly (within 10 miles) 8,000 miles on the tire. This seemed a bit low
to me, but in reading the forum, it really isn't much lower than the Dunlops
that cost considerably more. That works out to 1.4 cents per mile if that

I was very pleased with the ride and handling of the tire, but I really was
expecting a few more miles when I bought it.

by the way, I went to the "dark side" as I replaced it with the BFG that members
have been raving about. Wow...what a difference in ride! much smoother. Paid
$102 for the tire, and $20 for mounting and balancing. So far I am very happy
that I made the change. I will see how it does on some twisties this weekend.

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