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Tail light assembly disassembly !
Written by pappy8... on 3/11/2012 at 03:59 am

Haven't found any info on disassembling the stoplight housing, mine needed a
good cleaning inside, especially the license light housing. Honda sells the ( or
use to ) light as a whole unit...well, never tell me you can't take something
apart, just because ! So I took mine apart! All you need is a exacto knife,
wide thin wedge for prying ( screwdriver ? ) a heat gun, some time, patience and
more time and patience . Took me about 45 or so minutes... patience or you WILL
break it for sure. The glue used in there is like a gummy hot melt glue, it will
be like rubber cement when you heat it up. I won't go through all the steps but
, the tool list should give you a hint. If you don't know how to use a heat
gun... DON'T , don't want to hear about melted housings and or burned down house
or 1st thru 4th degree burns your'e being treated for and you can't go riding
for the next 4 months. Like I said, patience and throw in some common sense and
you'll have a taillight assembly that looks as pretty as my '89 has now ! PS, I
also used silver model paint and aluminum tape that's used on ductwork to
brighten up the insides ! Have fun !

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