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Speaker grills
Written by rvicke on 3/13/2012 at 03:00 am

Mine didn't have speakers, so I took the dash off, cut out the holes using the
pattern laid into the plastic dash, sanded it down cleanly, and fabricated the
speaker 'covers' by going to the auto junkyard and going through the cars until
I found a suitable speaker cover 'grill'....think I found it in a BMW, but not
sure if it was stock....cut them to fit and epoxied them into the back of the
dash.? Painted it all with a glossy plastic black paint (the plastic underneath
the factory paint is an off white, and reinstalled over a good pair of marine
speakers (my PC lives outside).?

After seeing another owner do it and asking, I used a hobby knife to cut the
cut-outs out of the plastic dash.? Going slowly and a couple of passes, it fell
out....just go slow, easy to get out of the pattern.

It probably would have 'looked' better the second time through, but I do have
sound now.....don't use it on short trips, but long ones....sure is nice.? If
I'm ever flush with cash, I may buy another one and try it the second time....;)

Good luck...


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