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Speaker grills
Written by gamick08 on 3/13/2012 at 02:37 pm

Craig, the panel where the speaker grills go is designed to be removed, id.
the goove makes the plastic there thinner than the rest of the panel.
Artful use of an Xacto knife and a little finishing will do the job.

For speaker grills I used some soft aluminum speaker grills from Radio
Shack, use the cutout from the hole as a pattern, add some to the edge,
using an appropriate hammer & other hand tools with the grill material
laying on a doubled over towel bend the edge back at about a 45 degree
angle, continuosly theck the fit to the opening and paint it black when

Next day glue the speaker grills in w/ some JB Weld epoxy. Like Paul says
use marine grade speakers - 3.5" ones. There are places to fasten them to
on the back panel. Pic attached.

Happy tunes.

Loveland, CO

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