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Rear brake life
Written by gibinmich on 3/16/2012 at 03:42 pm

Unless your real hard on the back brake they should be fine. Take the rear wheel
off and look. Take a clean wire brush to the pads to clean them up. Wipe the
dust out of the drum. Grease the pivot points also. If the stablizer bar from
the backing plate to the swing arm gets a little loose it can make a clunking
noise. As long as you have the wheel off grease the shaft drive gear with moly

--- In, "revconprince" <daveinet@...> wrote:
> For those who have tons of miles on your bike, how long do the rear brakes
last? With 36K miles, is it possible for them to be be worn out? They started
making noise today. They also clunk when I first apply the brake. I really don't
want to pull the rear wheel if I don't have to, I have better things to do with
my time, but should I be suspicious of the pad wear?

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