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Electrically adjustable windshield?
Written by douglasvanb on 3/17/2012 at 07:19 pm


I'm one step ahead of you and have been dreaming of this for a while. I have a
few preliminary concept sketches and have done some poking around for proper
actuators but nothing is concrete yet. The BMW electrically adjusted
windshields and various aftermarket Goldwing adjustable windshields are serving
as an inspiration. Ideally I would like to be able to change the overall length
of the windshield as well as the pitch. A more advanced system would also have
control over air vents. And the space-aged system would have everything
computer-controlled with optional manual bypass switches. Yes, I already have
an idea how to do this.

For the delux, top-of-the-line fully automated, length-adjustable,
pitch-adjustable, electronically-controlled vent model I think that it would
probably end up costing about $1000. This would include the necessary
servos/linear actuators, motor controllers and other electronic bits, and a new
windshield made out of appropriate plastic. This price is somewhat dependent
upon how much $$$ it would cost to manufacture the windshield.

Why do you keep giving me such wonderful ideas? I'm never going to graduate at
this rate! :-)



--- In, "David L" <dave13@...> wrote:
> OK, here's a mod for Doug to develop for me...
> I want an electrically adjustable windshield for my PC. I want to enjoy the
quiet of a tall windscreen when I'm out cruising and feel the cooling breezes of
a shorty when I'm around town.
> Has anyone ever considered or attempted this? I saw the $85 VarioScreen
bolt-on extension and that is looking good, but I have not seen reviews on that.
> Any thoughts?

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