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bar risers! NON GENMAR cable/ hoses?
Written by rocker8585 on 3/17/2012 at 10:57 pm

update ! I am fabbing up a mount for the non pc riser that i ordered from scoot
works and the owner who i must say was super nice and helpful said the riser i
am going with with be able to use stock everything just by re routing all cables
behind the bars. so i am diving into it. oh and to the people questioning this
move, I have short arms and a back rest i want to really utilize. and I am not a
cruiser guy any more i am a PC rider! so i am going to customize it to do
everything i want. haha and how many cruisers can you put as much sheeeeeeet as
you can put in our bikes? I can't think of any, and i love owning a bike no one
has ever heard of in the general public :) haha if that doesn't answer your
question i am not sure what will :)

--- In, "mikeyb_houtex" <houtex@...> wrote:
> My opinion is pretty straight forward: Ditch the covers past the
grip/reservoir area, i.e., cut 'em off to the inside. That tall/back, they'll
not be very useful anyway, especially regards the key.
> Then, just ensure the cables and hoses will work, as there won't be any covers
to worry about, so they can just dangle wherever makes sense. Fashion up some
sprung/bungy retainers or such to let them 'shift' a little if needed, but stay
'not caught' on any thing.
> You may also wanna ditch the triple tree covers (little triangle panels) to
help this project along too.
> This may be the easiest to do. You might get a secondary set of handlebar
covers to use, and keep the originals for if you decide to go back stock.
> ---
> HOWEVER, if you are going to keep all those covers, then you'll likely need to
make your own cables. I doubt there's anything available for this kind of
modification that you can just buy. You might can extend the cables/hoses
somehow, but I wouldn't be the one knowin' how to do it :)
> I'll be interested to see if anyone else has good information for you, but...
this is highly different, yeah? :)
> Mike
> '95 PC800, "Ride"
> --- In, "Slash S" <rocker8585@> wrote:
> >
> > Ok i am looking to have a serious set of bar riser's / pull backs.
> >
> > I fabricated my own genmar like set up they were 1.5" and they aren't enough
i want more. I had a 650 vstar before and i got the scoot works risers they had
and it was a 3" pull back and i really liked them. But i think what i am trying
to accomplish is getting the sport touring bike to feel like a cruiser. so i am
thinking of fabbing up a mounting plate so i can take a standard set of risers
that have the single mounting stud and use them for the pc.
> >
> > any way my big question is how to determine what size over length hoses and
cables i will need.
> >
> > I have the brake and clutch hoses
> >
> > throttle cable and choke cable to think about. any help would be really
appreciated or even a website that sells them/ a member that does this kind of
work would be appreciated :) and or can i make my own hoses?
> >
> > Jeremy21@
> >

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