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put bike on center stand
Written by mikeyb_houtex on 3/21/2012 at 04:11 am

I am 5'4" and put Ride on her center stand with the below technique with ease.
You do what they say in this, and you're golden. Make sure it's in Neutral,
center it on the two pegs by rocking until you 'get' it there, stand with your
right leg on the, uh, stand, hold the left handle bar and the left pax grab bar,
and then just straighten up with your arms. Not really picking the bike up on
the stand, just sort of letting it rock backwards onto it.

You will *NEVER*... well, hardly ever... get the bike on the center stand posts
if it's not level on the two pegs. You try to pick it up on one of the two, you
will have... well, a fun time, let's say. :p

It's easier if the bike is pointed up a hill. It just wants to park itself on
the centerstand then! Just be careful you're not on too large an incline. And
gettin' it back off the stand? You can drive it off, if needed, just be
careful, but ONLY if it's goin' uphill...

You'll be pro in no time, and you'll do it just to practice for fun and profit
to boot. Heh.

'95 PC800, "Ride"

--- In, "Hungry White Boy" <bigphillip79@...> wrote:
> Here's a link to a video. How to center stand
> <> . If these
> guys can do a Goldwing at over 900lbs you should be able to do the PC.
> All practice and technique. If you park the rear tire on a short piece
> of 1x6 board. It'll be way easy that way.
> Oh, and make sure the bike is in neutral and both sides of the stand are
> on the ground.

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