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Shark Radio Update
Written by dave_hiett on 3/26/2012 at 04:05 am

Well, dang. Since I was the one who was the Shark radio 'guinea pig', thought
I'd update the group with my experience.

I really thought this little radio would be the cat's meow. Installed the first
one in Jan of '11. Loved it, great sound, a great fit to the PC; but in October
'11, after 9 months, it just quit. Poof. Dead. The seller was pretty good about
replacing it, but for some reason the replacement they sent needed a different
remote, which required re-threading under the shelter to the front.

Now, after just 5 months, the replacement has 'gone bad', refusing to play more
than a few minutes and then going into some kind of fibrillation, sometimes
refusing to turn off, requiring unplugging the radio every time it is used or
else kill the battery overnight. I am awaiting word from the vendor, but it's
well past the one year original warranty so not expecting much. Even if they
replaced it again, not sure I'd put it in. I'm tired of rethreading remotes.

Those of you who followed me, hope your Shark works better than mine. By the
way, I had the 'black' 100W unit with the USB. Maybe other models work better.

Now, if I really want the news or the tunes, I have to ride 'Lucy'. Oh well.
Life is tough and then you die.

Dave Hiett '90PC800 'Happy Dog' '94GL1500 'Lucy'

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