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Shark Radio Update
Written by tradewinds1964 on 3/26/2012 at 05:05 am

I experimented with the Shark 150w and though I could hear, I couldn't
really "hear" it. I would catch bits and pieces of the music enough to
know what song was playing when at highway speeds.

I have since switched to the DWG system. I did not use their speakers,
just their amp and wireless remote. I purchased Polk Marine Speakers
from ebay. 185w max and I can hear everything now while cruising at
85mph on the way to work.

They are 4 inch waterproof coax speakers that I mounted in the fairing
in the cutouts. I like them. Have had no problems in the last month or
so. Of course, time will tell.

Atlanta, GA
'90 Red PC
Glen Scotia(pronounced Sko-sha)

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